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Hi my name is Nesha Brown. I run a small consulting firm here in Baton Rouge, LA. I serve a diverse group of small businesses, including startups and established corporations. I help these individuals organize and effectively launch their business idea’s so that they can gain their competitive edge and take advantage of growth opportunities. With over 4 years of positioning small businesses to qualify for funding and increase their cash flow,  most will consider me a expert but I'm just a student of the game trying to help my tribe WIN!

I was once an ignorant person who lacked financial literacy and proper business fundamentals. This has eventually caused me to make detrimental financial decisions along the way. 

But before that, I lived a pretty tragic life.

At a very young age, I lost my mom to ovarian cancer, and then grew up watching my dad poorly manage my monthly social security due to his alcoholism. 

I graduated at the early age of 16, and that gave me the liberty to request for and manage my allowance. In no time though, I was in debt due to lack of financial literacy. 
By age 17, I had already gotten an apartment, enrolled in a community college, and had student loans piling up. This eventually led to me dropping out due to lack of funding. I had to work two jobs to pay my bills.

At 19, my dad died at work. I then had to move to Austin TX, to live with my uncle. While living there, I got involved in a toxic relationship leading to an incident that got me arrested for aggravated assault. The judge mandated that I attend group counseling for six months, in which I had to cover the expenses. 

This period was when my life took a 360-degree turn. 
With no other option and with only $300 in my bank account, I hired a financial advisor and enrolled in an online credit repair certification course to learn how to optimize my credit reports. 

As I started posting my credit repair process on social media, people got interested and began asking me for advice on how they should go about theirs.

As time went on, people started trusting me with their credit reports and by extension, their businesses. This gave me insight into the nitty-gritty of business operations, funding, marketing, customer service, etc. At that moment, I thought how better my life could have turned out if I had someone to teach me the ropes of starting and running a business at 16. I definitely would have made better decisions and had an independent and steady life free of debt and regrets.
Today, what started as a side hustle transitioned into a fully-fledged consulting agency helping people overcome the hurdles of entrepreneurship. 

Conqueror Consulting Group now helps individuals and families on how to start a business.

Conqueror Consulting Group stems from my ability to "rise above adversity and pursue my ambitions wholeheartedly”. Through my story, experiences, failures, and knowledge, I strive to represent my business by helping every aspiring or desiring entrepreneur who intends to transform better thinking into better doing and better doing into producing better results. 

Build your professional business model. Visit to learn more. 

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What Can Nesha Offer?

Hands on Engaging Seminar
Classroom Instruction / Presentation Style
Conference Panel Style Speaking
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are $40 per person. ( Select 2 products + Pen )

  • Prosperity Manifestation Journal ( Blank sheets, ideal for note taking ) 
  • Small Business Formation Workbook
  • Personal Finance Workbook 
  • Business Credit eBook (Digital Format) can be printed 
  • Personal Credit eBook (Digital Format) can be printed
  • Conquer & Prosper Cash Envelope Budget Planner 
  • ​12 Month Dateless Financial / Budget Planner
  • ​Conquer Your Business & Prosper (my self published book on business, business credit, personal credit, and mindset) 


Business Planning

Business Funding

Business Formation

Personal Finance (Credit & Budgeting)

Adolescent Money Management Concepts

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